Having realised a lifelong dream and finally purchasing my dream car as a 97 XK8 convertible it would soon become apparent to me that my basic mechanical knowledge for the car would not be enough to keep her running smoothly so would take some expert TLC on occasion to keep her running as she should.

On asking the local garages it was clear there was only one recommendation – Tom and his staff. My older lady has now seen Tom for a number of concerns ranging from complicated misfires to a full gearbox rebuild. On every occasion, Tom is able to identify the issue through knowledge, experience and diagnostic expertise and suggest corrective actions with advice and clear explanation to the cause and remedies, fixing issues there and then or for more complicated issues arrange quick and convenient times to assist.

For the friendly atmosphere and expertise offered by Tom and his staff, I don’t believe I would or could trust my pride and joy with anyone else.

E Campbell

I was introduced to Tom a few months after buying my 2001 XK8 by a fellow XK owner, as I wanted a real V8 sound instead of the standard exhaust. What became clear very quickly, was that apart from a very obvious passion for Jaguar’s his knowledge and experience was very in-depth and thorough. What sets Tom Lenthall Ltd apart for me is the time he takes to explain the “what, where and how” as well as the ability to be shown what has been done and is being done when you take the car in for anything from a service through to a complete gearbox or differential rebuild. 

If asked, the one thing I would say about Tom and Tom Lenthall Ltd is that he works on the cars as though they were his own, basing any decisions as though he would have to pay for the work to be done and therefore you don`t feel as though things are completed when perhaps they didn`t need doing! Its great to see the business going from strength to strength with many other Jaguar Specialists using Tom Lenthall Ltd for some of their more in-depth and complex work too, I will continue to use them for as long as I own a car!

Craig G

Tom has looked after my Series I E-Type for several years now and has played an invaluable role both in maintaining the car and continuing the process of restoration and upgrades. He clearly has a great depth of knowledge when it comes to classic Jaguars. Tom seems to have an inexhaustible list of contacts and he can source anything or have it fabricated to high standards. 

One thing that I have found especially useful comes from Toms racing experience, which is that he knows when a car is not handling as it should and how to set it up properly. He has transformed my own car. Perhaps best of all is that a trip to the workshop is always a pleasure. There are always some interesting cars being worked on and the team around Tom are genuinely friendly.

Nick D

I have known Tom for over thirty years and have no hesitation in recommending him to all my friends, family and colleagues. The Tom Lenthall Ltd team have unparalleled knowledge and experience for any Jag and you can be rest assured your car will not only get the best treatment around but with complete honesty and fair pricing to boot.

Give them a chance to impress and you’ll never go to a main dealer again!

Steve G

What can I say about Tom at Tom Lenthall Ltd? Well in my experience he is the Top Man when it comes to Jaguars, Classic and the Modern. From what I have seen he can make a Concours Classic for you or the other end of the scale as for myself make one of the best handling and fastest XKR`s around. 

In between that then if you just want the usual 10,000-mile service he is honest with you as to what needs doing and will give you the choice of any cheaper options that the main dealers would not suggest. I have not found one owner that I have recommended him to that has come back saying that they were not satisfied with his service.

Norman D

I found Tom and his team at Tom Lenthall Ltd by chance. I have an XF, not a new one but she is mine and I hope I look after her. I regularly do around 4 to 5K per month so she is worked hard.

I made the mistake of contacting an online service provider who said that they specialised in Jaguars but didn’t do my homework and put my trust in them and paid the price.

Sat on the side of a motorway for the second time in two weeks, I found Tom on the Web, read the testimonials and called him.

Immediately you could tell this guy was in a different class, his knowledge and the way he communicated was exceptional. But the most impressive thing was when he conferred with a colleague, this to me spoke volumes, this is not a one-man band like most independents but a specialist team who care about the cars, their trade and their clients. Refreshing and very hard to find in today’s market.

I now have the car back and she runs like new, give Tom and his team a chance – I am glad I did.

K Hendy