At Tom Lenthall Limited, our team of experienced Jaguar and Land Rover technicians can help you get the best out of your car. Whether you need it set up to deliver a race-winning performance on track, upgraded to give you an enhanced on-road driving experience, or remapped to balance power and economy for more efficient everyday motoring, we have the solution you’re looking for.

Combining our extensive road and race experience with our in-house technical expertise, and partnering with the best brands in motorsports, we’ve developed proven packages in suspension, gearbox and braking technology that can transform the way your vehicle handles – even give your Jaguar supercar performance.

We have a lot of experience undertaking extreme conversions – particularly on Jaguar XK8 and XKR models, supercharging them to maximise BHP, and upgrading key components to manage the increased power output.

We can also carry out less radical tuning work, including using computerised performance mapping to help drivers on limited budgets get more power from their vehicles and blend mapping to give diesel drivers more power when they need it, and more MPG when they don’t.

And tuning doesn’t need to stop at performance, we can help you personalise all aspects of your car including paintwork, wheels, trim and interior so that it looks as good as it drives.

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